Fern Beauty

We believe with strong faith plus plentiful specialized knowledge and we can expect to grows health with consumers all over the world .

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Believe many people did not know that Taiwan is a fern kingdom. Ferns divided 39 branches, but Taiwan already have 34 branches, therefore Taiwan calls “the ferns kingdom”.


Fern Beauty is developed and tested by a professional team specialized in chemistry, biotechnology, and beauty industry. Fern Beauty products are produced by ISO22716 (GMP) certificated manufacturer.

The organic active ingredients are proved
by ECOCERT in France and NATRUE in Europe, which provide Fern Beauty with excellent quality skincare products.


Names” Fern Beauty" is to emulate ferns spirit, which tolerate many different extreme environments also survived almost everywhere. Hence the brand of “fern” aimed to create the different excellent quality products in each kind of markets. Wish to obtains consumer's approval and grows.